This is the first time in over 20 years where I made an appointment and did not have to wait. Dr. Wininger has great bedside manners, is thorough, and explains everything to you. I had to have a biopsy on my hand, before I knew it it was over and with no pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Wininger. June 26.2014 Paul C.

I loved how professional and comfortable my visit was. Always going to him for my medical needs. Would definitely recommend him!!

Office associates are very pleasant and prompt with service. Dr. Wininger is polite, personable, informative and leaves room for you to ask questions. He has excellent beside manner and incorporates a light and friendly sense of humor. I felt I was in and out of the appointment in a timely manner with NO sense of being rushed. I predict I will be continuing to see Dr. Wininger from here forward and highly recommend him to all other patients.

His experience speaks. Excellent dermatologist. I had a small cyst on my face which grew bigger over a period of time and the way he dealt and got rid of it was amazing. Also the kind of rapport he shares with his patients makes us feel that he cares for our health.

I used to have really bad acne before I started going to Dr. Wininger. I tried so many different doctors and practically every fancy new acne medication there was to offer. None of it helped. Then, I started going to Dr. Wininger and my acne started clearing up really fast. He made up his own acne solution for me to use every night, and it really works. My face is so much better since I started seeing him! December 7, 2014 Scott K.

He was polite and very thorough seemed extremely knowledgeable. I trust him. April 10, 2015 Matthew H

Dr. Wininger was great. He answered all my questions and even gave me a call when I had additional concerns.April 19, 2015 Erin B

This was my first visit and I thought it went very well. Dr. Wininger was very down to earth and personable. I'm looking forward to positive results.

Dr. Wininger was pleasant. His staff was professional and friendly. I have made a follow up appointment and will continue treatment under his care. August 26, 2014 Melissa R.

Great professional doctor. Very intelligent and he has a good sense of humor. September 4, 2015 Julia K.

I really enjoyed my visit. The doctor was thorough and answered all of my questions. This was the first time a dermatologist has actually helped me and not just wrote up a prescription and sent me on my way. June 23, 2015
Kenya B.

Dr. Wininger was very friendly and helpful. He explained my condition and had helpful recommendations. He was also very funny and kind which helped a lot, given the sensitive nature of skin issues. I was nervous about going to a dermatologist but he definitely made my anxiety go away. I would definitely recommend him to anyone! July 22, 2015 Juan L.

November 17, 2015 Teresa R. Great first impression. I am looking forward to my next week appointment.

Dr. Wininger is extremely knowledgeable. He doesn't just look at your dermatological issues but takes your whole medical history into consideration before prescribing treatment. He has a great rapport with his patients and I highly recommend him. July 16, 2015 Michael S